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Monroe Union Breakfast Rotary Club has, for the last 38 years, rewarded college-bound high school seniors with scholarships based on their community service. It is the Club's perennial project.


The club also supports education in other ways, specifically, Union County Public Schools students and teachers. It has, over the years, initiated multiple club projects including:

  • Restocking the clothes pantry at Rock Rest Elementary, a Title 1 school, because accidents happen! 

  • Buying equipment and materials for a STEM classroom at Benton Heights Elementary, a Title 1 school.

  • Conducting tree planting / educational sessions on school campuses for fourth graders.

  • Building a bus shelter for children waiting for the school bus in The City of Monroe Willow Oaks housing complex. 

These programs received grant funds from Rotary International, individual contributions, and many hours of volunteer time by members and their friends and families.

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